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Parent or Chauffeur?

Driving your kids to activities can feel like a full time job

Sharing the driving with other parents makes a lot of sense, but keeping track of who is driving and riding on any given day can be a real headache. A last minute change leads to a slew of e-mails, texts and phone calls – carpooling can feel like more trouble than it's worth.

Good thing there's an App for that!

The Carpool-Kids App for iOS ends the pain of ride sharing by providing a simple way to manage your carpools

Invite your friends, then set up as many separate carpools as you need for your kids. Scheduled carpool events can be one-time or repeating and sync with your iPhone's calendar. Event updates by push notification or e-mail keep everyone up to date.

Download on the AppStore

No iPhone? No Problem!

The Carpool-Kids App also works great on the web – Macs, PCs, tablets and smart phones can access all of the App features with a web browser

Carpool with your friends without worrying about the phone they use by connecting to the app at